GOP Moves Against Mayorkas As Public Turns On Border Policy

The state of political, cultural, and economic affairs in the United States continue to worsen. Truly, the country at present is arguably more polarized, divided and tense than at any other time in national history since the American Civil War which occurred 160 years ago. President Biden has governed in a disastrous manner. His economic policies have resulted in record levels of inflation not witnessed in decades; the cost of living has skyrocketed, 6 in 10 Americans are estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck, and home ownership is nearly unaffordable in much of the country. The cost of basic necessities continues to soar, and groceries, household items, and everything marketable has markedly risen in price over the last three years, in large part due to both parties in congress and the president supporting the passage of trillions of dollars of new federal spending early in Biden’s term.

As money continues to be printed, much of it has not gone to help American citizens. Biden has made a mess of the American southern border- and reversed key policies that Trump had instituted that appeared to be slowing illegal migration. Today, as tens of thousands of people cross into the country on a daily basis, Biden and the federal government have been incentivizing them to come by offering them food, housing and money. Cities have been flooded; the progressive mayor New York City even attempted to place limits on the number arriving- but these migrants found a loophole by arriving in New Jersey and then taking the train over the Hudson River.

Recently, Republicans in congress have rallied against the Department of Homeland Security’s secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. House Republicans have been attempting to impeach Mayorkas for his inept handling of the border crisis. Millions of illegal migrants have entered the country over the last several years. As the presidential election of 2024 nears ever closer by the day, things are tense.