GOP Lawmaker’s Family Threatened, New Recording Reveals

( )- We reported recently on how Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican congressman, announced that somebody had told him that they had been paid to kill him and that the Department of Justice ignored advice from the police to track that person down.

And while that story is still lingering, and the Biden Justice Department doesn’t seem to care about someone sending an online message to a sitting congressman admitting that he plans to kill him, another person who threatened to kill Gaetz has been indicted in the Northern District of Florida on one felony count of making a threat to injure the person of another.

The man, Eugene Huelsman, is said to have called Gaetz’s office phone number to threaten him on January 9, three days after the so-called violent insurrection in Washington, D.C.

“I’m coming for him, he’s gonna f–king die… I’m gonna f–king kill him… Watch your back, I’m coming for you. I’m gonna put a bullet in you and I’m gonna put a bullet in one of your f–king kids too,” Huelsman can be heard saying in the recording.

Rep. Gaetz confirmed that he was the victim referred to in the indictment as “MG.” He told the press that he turned over the voicemail to the Capitol Police when it happened, prompting the police to track down the man and indict him in May.

Huelsman is now expected to appear before the Pensacola federal court on Friday. His attorney couldn’t be identified and he has therefore not offered comment on the allegations to the press.

However, Rep. Gaetz’s office said that he is pleased that prosecutors in the Northern District of Florida have taken the death threats against him and his family seriously.

“I wish that were an ethic across the DOJ enterprise,” he added, referring to the recent case of a Twitter death threat being totally ignored by the authorities.