GOP Candidate Kari Lake Has The Perfect Response For Challenging Elections

( )- The Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake, a Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, responded to Joe Biden’s divisive remarks about the American people and discussed her America First platform while speaking to members of the far-left media outside of her campaign headquarters on Thursday night.

In the most divisive speech in American history, Joe Biden declared war on President Donald Trump and the American people who support him. Biden also threatened “right-wing Americans,” who own guns, with F-15 fighter jets. He spoke like a maniacal genocidist. It was unsettling, to put it mildly.

Any of us who grew up in America cannot recognize it today.

Also, the media’s celebration of Katie Hobbs, the Democratic nominee for governor in Arizona who is facing the GOP’s Kari Lake, went much too far.

Lake attacked Joe Biden’s risky strategies, but the fake news media propped up her Biden-supporting rival, radical leftist Katie Hobbs.

Kari had more supporters cheering for her from behind with flags and signs than Joe Biden could afford to pay to attend his appearances. Sparse crowds before the election and the continuing sparseness after the election suggest something wasn’t quite right with the 2020 presidential contest.

The liberal rag media continues to obsess over President Trump and disparage MAGA. All of these liberal hacks are united in their attack on Republicans.

One would assume that “competing” media companies would directly compete. Instead, as a single Fake News Oligarchy, they promote the same agenda and false narratives.

All they can speak about is the “most secure election in American history” won by Joe Biden. It’s a mantra they repeat almost defensively.

The closest question the media asked Lake came somewhat close to seeming like actual journalism – “In general, how would you define political extremism?”
The last question to Lake was, “Will you give up if you lose to Katie Hobbs?”

“I’m not going to lose to Katie Hobbs,” Kari said like a boss, and the crowd behind her went wild!

The media won’t criticize or question anything Biden said in his speech for fear of exposing weaknesses in him or the Democratic Party.

That’s not journalism.