GOP Candidate Admits She Hasn’t Paid Employees In Weeks!

( )- Karoline Leavitt, a House Republican candidate, acknowledged in an interview with former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon that her campaign team hasn’t “gotten paid in several weeks.”

Leavitt, 25, aimed to capture New Hampshire’s first congressional district to become the youngest representative in history.

She competes against Democratic incumbent Chris Pappas in what surveys predict will be a close contest.

On Monday, Leavitt spoke on Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, saying, “Tomorrow, we need everyone to vote, and more people need to get involved.”

“My team has been working so hard that we haven’t paid them in many weeks because all of our money has been going to get-out-the-vote activities. The last few dollars will be used to pay our outstanding staff.”

After a video of Leavitt’s words was posted on social media, there was a furious outcry.

Simon Thompson, a producer, and journalist, called the action “exploitation,” tweeting: “Imagine working for someone (working … not volunteering), and then they don’t pay you the money you are due AND THEN YOU KEEP WORKING FOR THEM?!?!”

Former Democratic Party candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives and pro-choice activist Julia A. Pulver denounced the action.

“Here’s another obvious difference between the parties: Democrats really support compensating people for their labor,” she remarked.

I ensured that ALL of my employees and vendors were paid, in full and on time, during every run. I didn’t anticipate anyone doing any free labor for me. I upheld my values and believed in fair compensation.”

“Someone campaigning for a job that pays six figures is proud of the fact that she has forced her low-level staffers to work without pay to make the final push toward her election,” tweeted Twitter user Jamie Lawson.

Leavitt also asserted that Donald Trump had “definitely” won the election that installed Joe Biden in the White House in an earlier interview with Bannon on July 21, 2021.

Trump stated on Monday that he would make a “very major statement” on November 15; this sparked speculation that he would begin a third presidential campaign.

When addressing a crowd in Ohio, the former president said: “We’re going to retake the House this year.”

It appears that Trump is correct.