GOP Brings Out The Big Guns Just Before Election Time

( )- Some of the biggest names in the Republican Party are supporting weak candidates in the last weeks of the midterm elections while also gaining national exposure for 2024.

The list of household names is extensive. Governor Ron DeSantis, who gained notoriety for opposing COVID-19 limits in Florida, has rallies scheduled in Wisconsin and Kansas for September. Glenn Youngkin, the governor of Virginia, visited Maine this week to support the state’s Republican gubernatorial candidate. His unexpected victory in red Virginia catapulted him to national notoriety.

The excursions are a part of a larger Republican effort to travel around the nation to build the political infrastructure and financial resources required to make a run in 2024.
Heavily involved are former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley and ex-secretary of state Mike Pompeo,

According to Republican strategist and former senior advisor to President George W. Bush, Brad Blakeman, it is crucial for anybody with their eyes on running in 2024 to get out on the stump in those battleground areas to be seen and heard.

In battleground states, Blakeman says, there is no risk to a potential candidate going out campaigning, provided you do it for candidates who share your political philosophy.
The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has organized a rally in support of Pennsylvania representative Doug Mastriano.

The governor of Florida is also supporting the campaigns of Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters and Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt, who are both seeking to oust weak Democrats in states that are swing votes.

More help is provided than just speaking at political rallies. For instance, DeSantis has endorsed Laxalt and Mastriano in emails and texts to small-donor supporters seeking support. Furthermore, Casey DeSantis, the congressman’s wife, showed up Thursday at a “Ladies for Laxalt” gathering.

Youngkin also intends to travel to Nevada, but she will do so to support Joe Lombardo rather than Laxalt for governor.

According to Pompeo, the political infrastructure he has created to back candidates in the midterm elections will serve as the basis for a presidential campaign that will be established over the next two years.

Along with other Republicans like Haley, Pompeo has established a political action committee that provides financial assistance to Republicans. For more than 50 Republican politicians and organizations, her PAC, Stand for America, has raised more than $5 million.

As the election draws near, Georgia, becoming more of a swing state, has drawn much interest. On Friday, Haley participated in Kemp’s campaign against Stacey Abrams, a Democrat.

Over 50 national campaign events have included Haley as the main speaker.