Google Suppressing Breitbart News

( )- A new book by Breitbart News editor Alex Marlow just revealed that the conservative news outlet he runs is still being censored by Internet search giant Google. The data seen by Breitbart and published in the new book, titled “Breaking the News,” reveals how Google “directly interfered” in the presidential election last year by throttling reporting from Breitbart and other conservative news networks and platforms.

The book, and subsequent news reports on Breitbart, explained how the conservative news network had the reach of its coverage of Joe Biden throttled. When users searched “Biden” and “Joe Biden” on Google, results from Breitbart were either severely limited and pushed to later pages, or removed from the search results completely.

Marlow explained how Breitbart was among the top ten search positions for 355 keywords in April 2016, but by July 2020, Breitbart was the top result for only one key search term. And with nearly 17,000 keywords in the top 100 on Google in 2016, that number dropped significantly by the time of the next election to just 50.

The Breitbart editor said that it was no coincidence, and nor did it make sense as Breitbart was regularly working with industry experts to optimize their ranking on search engines with their reporting.

The only explanation was that Google was directly interfering.

On June 1, Breitbart revealed that over a year after Google interfered with the site’s visibility on searches relating to Joe Biden, the efforts continue with reports on President Biden’s poor showing during his first year as president restricted in exactly the same way.

The site published charts showing just how dramatically visibility for Breitbart News on Joe Biden has dropped since the beginning of the year. Breitbart peaked in February just after Biden was inaugurated and after visibility for news mattered less with regards to the election, with numbers dropping to virtually zero as of May.

You can see the full set of data the proves it here.