Google Launches Project To Analyze What Voters Are Searching… By District

( )- Axios and Google Trends have unveiled a new project to analyze what political issues voters in each congressional district are searching on. And according to psychologist and researcher Dr. Robert Epstein, there are worrisome implications in the project.

Epstein told the Media Research Center that the more Google and Axios learn about people, “the easier it is to manipulate them.”

Axios revealed the partnership last week boasting that the project is up and running “one year out from the 2022 midterm elections.” The project will enable Axios to compile lists of keyword searches pinpointed by congressional districts to see what people in those areas are interested in.

But this isn’t anything new. According to Dr. Epstein, Google already does something similar to what Axios is describing. While this specific project is focusing on congressional districts, Epstein explained, Google already knows “precisely what issues individuals are searching for” through emails and documents Google already tracks.

What makes this project so concerning, Epstein explained, is Google amassing this information will allow it to keep an eye on undecided voters and, as such, manipulate search results in such a way to change their opinions. Epstein said that collecting detailed information on “each and every one of us” will allow Google to influence opinions by offering biased search results, suggestions, answer boxes, etcetera.

Epstein warns that the more Google knows about people, the easier it is for Google to manipulate them. But nearly all of these manipulations use something Google employees call “ephemeral experiences.” In short, Google can manipulate users without leaving a single paper trail “for authorities to trace.”

Dr. Robert Epstein has long warned about the unprecedented level of control Google wields over elections. He has done extensive research and data analysis revealing just how insidious Google’s reach is.

In February 2020, Epstein warned that Big Tech could potentially rig the 2020 election. Looks like he was right.

Just a month before the Presidential election, Epstein told the Media Research Center that Google was manipulating its search function to mobilize Democrats and target undecided voters to flip the Senate to the Democrats.