Google Censoring Election Audit

( )- Big Tech really doesn’t want you to know that the 2020 presidential election wasn’t the most secure election in American history, and that’s becoming clearer by the day. This week, Google deplatformed a Maricopa audit activist who was recruiting volunteer observers from all parties, indicating just how far Big Tech will go to stop people uncovering issues of election misconduct or fraud.

The story stems from a group of Arizona activists who announced recently that they would be recruiting volunteers from all ends of the political spectrum to take part in a full hand audit of the votes cast in Maricopa County in the 2020 presidential election. Volunteers would be overseeing a third-party audit of the votes that was ordered by the Arizona Senate.

When the activists published an online form for recruiting observers to ensure the audit is performed fairly and properly, Google censored the form.

“Because #Google chose to censor our form from recruiting Volunteer Observers from all parties, we are now using this link,” Twitter account “ArizonaAudit” announced on April 15.

The account then linked to a new form on the “Wufoo” platform, but incredibly, that link was taken down too.

What’s so wrong about recruiting people to take part in observing an election audit?

Jack Lombardi, a Republican Congressional candidate for Illinois’ 16th District, brought the story to light on April 16.

“Google deplatformed the Maricopa county audit volunteer observer application,” he said. “The audit application was then switched to using wufoo, who also deplatformed them. What is big tech trying to hide?”

This week it was announced that the Arizona Senate would rent the Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the state fairgrounds to perform the audit of Maricopa County’s election. It’s a controversial audit for one reason: Democrats fear it might prove former President Donald Trump right when he said that massive fraud and misconduct swayed the election in President Joe Biden’s favor.

Some 2.1 million ballots will be recounted by hand, and volunteers are trying to recruit people from both major political parties to take part in observing the count and ensuring no further misconduct takes place.

A total of four companies have been hired to perform the audit…and you can probably bet that the Big Tech and social media platforms will only report on the results if they say that no fraud occurred.

And even if fraud occurred…they might say it didn’t.