Giuliani Pushes To Ban Mail In Voting

( Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who fought vigorously for election integrity following the 2020 presidential election, called for the totally outlawing of mail-in voting in the United States this week.

During an episode of his video podcast, Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, the famed attorney said that mail-in voting is connected to systemic fraud and poses so many risks that it can change the results of national elections.

As he argued it did in November 2020, having presented evidence of fraud, misconduct, and irregularities at a series of evidentiary hearings before legislators of battleground states Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona.

During the podcast, Giuliani made reference to the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands which both mandated in-person voting for 2021 elections.

Giuliani’s podcast was originally posted to YouTube, but the social media platform, which is run by Google, put a two-week ban on his channel on Thursday for an in-video sponsorship he had been using for several months.

He also revealed how some 23 episodes of his show were removed for violating their policies relating to the discussion of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Under new YouTube policies introduced earlier this year, YouTube videos can no longer claim that widespread election fraud occurred in the 2020 election and that it resulted in President Joe Biden not being legitimately elected.

“It was either Hamilton or Madison that said that greatest danger to our Republic is an uninformed electorate, an ignorant electorate,” Giuliani said during the recent episode of his show.

“Let’s not make that happen. Let’s become informed. That’s how we prevent this. That’s a better answer than government control and government lawsuits,” he added.

Giuliani’s show may not be on YouTube for very much longer, and if you want to hear his takes on election fraud, then you certainly won’t be able to find him on YouTube.

You can find all of Giuliani’s shows on YouTube alternative “Rumble,” which is a free speech platform that does not censor conservatives.