Ghislaine Maxwell’s Brother Uses Staged Photo To Say Andrew Is Innocent

( )- Virginia Giuffre, the alleged Prince Andrew victim, claims that when she was 17 years old in 2001, Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite convicted of working with pervert Jeffrey Epstein, forced her to have illicit relations with Prince Andrew.

Prior to having intercourse with her in the bedroom, she claims that Prince Andrew licked her feet in the bathtub of Maxwell’s London home. The accusations that Prince Andrew had a “great old time” with Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre are “ludicrous,” according to Ian Maxwell, the brother of convicted human trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

His evidence for his assertion that her claims are false is because of the size of the bathtub.

Ian Maxwell said on Tuesday: “I don’t know what your contortions and the capacity to have a great old time in a bath, but that’s a very, very little tub.”

Maxwell said that the guy in the tub was larger than Prince Andrew.

The Telegraph published an unusual picture of two individuals squished into a bathtub on Saturday that was sent to them by Ghislaine Maxwell’s friends. The Maxwell family said that the two people’s hunched posture—who was dressed as Giuffre and Prince Andrew—proved Giuffre’s account could not have happened.

Giuffre’s American attorney, Lisa Bloom, described the image as “surreal, bizarre” and said, “it establishes nothing.”

According to Bloom, Virginia and Andrew were in the bathroom. The lawyer says the image demonstrates that the bath can accommodate two average-sized people.

Virginia said that Andrew started by amusing her feet in the bathtub. The image demonstrates how it is “certainly possible.”

According to Bloom, Giuffre never asserted having carnal relations with the prince in the bathtub. She also noted that Virginia said she and Andrew entered the bedroom where the illegal act occurred. Nothing about the image “disproves that.”

She said, “Ghislaine and her fans must be becoming desperate.”