Ghislaine Maxwell Case Documents Released

( )- Ghislaine Maxwell is having a rough time. The former partner of dead billionaire sex offender has repeatedly had her requests to be granted bail while she awaits her trial denied, and now, dozens of documents relating to her sex trafficking case have been released to the public. They reveal the extent to which she is accused of helping Epstein find young girls to sexually abuse from the 1990s and into the 2000s.

Of the 52 documents unsealed, most relate to a former defamation lawsuit that involved one of the most well-known accusers of Jeffrey Epstein, Virginia Giuffre. Maxwell and her attorneys had repeatedly opposed the plan, presumably knowing that it would create a flurry of new headlines about Maxwell’s alleged crimes.

In the lawsuit, it turns out, Giuffre alleged that she was trafficked by both Epstein and Maxwell when she was only 17 years old.

A deposition of a former private chef for Glenn Dubin, a wealthy hedge fund manager, revealed how a 15-year-old girl from Sweden was brought into his boss’s home by Maxwell and Epstein. Rinaldo Rizzo said in 2016 that the young girl was left, disoriented, sitting on a barstool in the kitchen.

In the deposition, Rizzo said that the young girl out of nowhere blurted out to him and his wife that she was “on the island” and “there was Ghislaine, there was Sarah…They asked me for sex, I said no.”

He described how the girl didn’t know how she had left the island and arrived at Dubin’s home. He asked her if she had a passport and a phone, and she allegedly told him that her passport had been taken from her.

This is precisely the kind of evidence Maxwell doesn’t want the world to see.

The family of the former associate of Epstein has established a website telling stories about the “real” Ghislaine in the hope that they can rally people behind her ahead of her trial. The 59-year-old faces charges of lying under oath, as well as recruiting, grooming, and trafficking young girls to be abused by Jeffrey Epstein from the 1990s and until 2004.

She has pleaded not guilty and the trial will begin in November…assuming it isn’t delayed again.