Geraldo Rivera Sides With FBI, Says People Need To Stop Being Mean

( )- Fox News host Geraldo Rivera went on a rant denouncing “fringe supporters” of Trump who he claims are inciting violence against the FBI. On Fox News’ America Reports, Rivera said that the FBI has been the subject of a barrage of attacks since they raided the house of the former president, according to Mediaite.

He alleged that this hostility against the agency led to a gunman attacking an FBI office in Cincinnati, Ohio. The gunman tried to breach the office after being chased by police and having a fire exchange with law enforcement on a field off the highway. There has reportedly been an uptick of threats to Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray and FBI agents after the raid.

Rivera lost it on Fox over the “dangerous” rhetoric that supporters of the president are making against the FBI which he called a “magnificent law enforcement agency doing its best.” He said that he hoped the rhetoric is not what caused a gunman to attack the FBI office in Ohio.

“I hope and pray that this is not related to Mar-a-Lago, because the vitriol and the tone of the rhetoric and the hatred being directed against the bureau by supporters, fringe supporters of the former president is very alarming,” he said.

“I grew up believing that the FBI was you know, they, we had all these TV shows and this, watched, they were flawless,” he continued. “Of course, they’re not flawless in real life, but they are a magnificent law enforcement agency doing its best.”

The former president’s home was forcefully entered, according to his lawyers. They executed a search warrant approved by Merrick Garland after an informant reportedly gave them details about classified documents that was in his possession. Trump’s lawyers claimed that the agents entered with backpacks and demanded that they shut off the cameras in the home.