Geraldo Rivera Says He Can Never Support Trump Again

( )- Last week, in a faux fit of pique, Fox News Democrat pundit Geraldo Rivera declared that he would not support former President Donald Trump ever again.

Isn’t that rather like a life-long vegan proclaiming that he would not eat meat ever again? Or like Max Boot writing yet another column declaring that he is no longer a Republican. How many times has Boot done that in the last five years?

It isn’t as if Geraldo Rivera has been a staunch supporter of Trump in recent years.

But in a huffy tweet last Wednesday, Rivera railed against so-called “election deniers” which he blamed on Trump’s “shameful campaign to slander and undermine American faith in our elections.”

Was Geraldo in a coma between 2016 and now? Did he miss the endless parade of Democrats who called Trump’s 2016 election “illegitimate” and “stolen?” Where was he in 2000 when Democrats did the same thing to George W. Bush?

To blame Trump for people claiming elections were stolen only works on those who were born ten minutes ago … or are members of the Twitter Resistance.

Geraldo then proclaimed that, despite Trump’s many positive accomplishments, “I could never support him again,” concluding his tweet with, “Without fealty to the Constitution, we’re 2d rate.”

One person who replied to Geraldo’s tweet was kind enough to provide the Democrat pundit with this video featuring all the times Democrats were “election deniers:”

Geraldo didn’t have some giant epiphany.

That tweet was designed to further the White House’s narrative that so-called “MAGA Republicans” are a “threat” to the country because they are “election deniers.”

Geraldo doesn’t care about “fealty to the Constitution.” He’s just a useful idiot carrying water for the Democrat Party.