Georgia State Senator May Call for Special Session Decertifying Election If Ballots Were Counted Twice

( )- In a ruling last Friday, Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero agreed to unseal Fulton County’s 2020 absentee ballots for auditing.

President Biden won Georgia by a mere 12,000 votes out of over five million cast.

On Monday, May 24, Georgia radio host John Fredericks appeared on Steve Bannon’s program The War Room where he claimed that if the audit of absentee ballots changes the outcome of the 2020 election, Georgia State Senator Burt Jones may call for a special session of the Senate to decertify Joe Biden’s electoral win.

According to Fredericks, if Judge Amero “makes a declaratory judgment” that there are counterfeit and/or double-counted ballots, Senator Jones will demand Governor Kempt hold this special session. He went on to claim that “they” are going to start decertifying the elections both in the presidential race and the Senate races.

Watch Steve Bannon’s interview with Fredericks HERE.

But this may be wishful thinking on Fredericks’ part. Decertifying the election isn’t simply unlikely; it is impossible.

Once the Electoral College meets to certify its results, and once Congress subsequently accepts them, there is no legal recourse available to reverse the outcome of an election or decertify the Electoral College vote. Biden has been officially sworn into office. He is the President.

Discovery of fraud that changes the winner of Georgia’s electors won’t change any of that. At this point, the only way to remove President Biden and Vice President Harris is through impeachment. Election irregularities on the part of others, however, are not grounds for impeachment.

Given that, it is highly unlikely Governor Kemp would even entertain Senator Jones’ demand for a special session to decertify the vote.

But while overturning the election is not possible, that is not to say discovery of fraud does not have its uses. Any documented proof of election fraud widespread enough to effect the outcome would, without a doubt, put to rest the narrative that the 2020 election was without fraud and any claims to the contrary nothing but “The Big Lie.”

More importantly, if such sweeping fraud is revealed, states will be more likely to enact restrictions on absentee ballots in order to prevent such fraud in the future.