Georgia Officials Launch Investigation Into Illegal Ballot Harvesting

( )- Officials in Georgia are launching a new investigation into possible ballot harvesting conducted by Democrats during the run-up to the 20202 presidential election, and for the special runoff elections that eventually shifted the majority in the upper chamber from the GOP to Democrats.

The office of the Secretary of State will also consider issuing various subpoenas so that they can secure all the necessary evidence in the case. This was all outlined in a late November complaint that was filed by True the Vote, a group concerned with voter integrity.

As the complaint states:

“[True the Vote] assembled evidence that scores of activists worked with nonprofit groups to collect and deliver thousands of absentee ballots, often during wee-hour operations, to temporary voting drop boxes distributed around the state during the pandemic.”

Georgia law prohibits any third-party activist from delivering and collecting ballots on behalf of any voters within the state.

According to a report published in Just The News recently, the group recorded surveillance footage of some activists dropping off many batches of voting ballots, as well as one individual who admitted he received money to harvest ballots for Democrats in the city of Atlanta.

After it collected all the evidence, the group then submitted it to the secretary of state, which included video from surveillance cameras that were placed by some Georgia counties outside of the drop boxes. The evidence also included geolocation data from cellphones of more than 200 activists who were seen on those tapes, allegedly doing the ballot harvesting.

The man who claimed he was paid to ballot harvest for the liberals wasn’t identified by name in the complaint, nor has True the Vote named him to state authorities just yet. He is only listed as John Doe in the complaint.

The group isn’t claiming that the ballots that were delivered by the third-party activists were fraudulent in any way. Instead, they argue they are unlawful ballots because Georgia law prohibits any third party from delivering voter ballots to drop boxes throughout the state.

The report further states that Brad Raffensperger, the secretary of state in Georgia, confirmed that his office has determined that the allegations are credible enough to launch a full investigation into the matter. He also confirmed while appearing on the podcast “John Solomon Reports” that subpoenas could be issued from the State Election Board in an effort to secure the necessary evidence in the case.

As Raffensperger commented on the possibility of subpoenas during the podcast interview when he said:

“That will be one of the processes we’re looking at if we have people that don’t want to come forward for whatever reason, because we really need to get to the bottom of it. We just can’t let it sit there and lie. So, if it comes to that, then that’s probably the next step that we’d be looking at.”

Georgia has been at the center of the debate over election integrity ever since the presidential election in 2020, and it will likely remain there for quite some time.