Georgia Declared “Ground Zero” For 2022

( )- The Democrats may have scored two victories in the Georgia Senate runoff election after the 2020 presidential election – likely because Republicans were so disheartened by the evidence of electoral fraud and misconduct – but it looks as though the state is now emerging as a critical battleground for next year’s midterm elections.

Last Wednesday, former gubernatorial candidate and loser Stacey Abrams announced that she would once again be running to become the governor of the state. Abrams, who has long claimed that she was the rightful victor of the last gubernatorial election, is fueling a campaign by the Democrats to take the state by whatever means necessary – even if it means campaigning for the relaxing of election laws designed to stop people voter fraud.

The Hill reported that the Democrats are facing “strong headwinds” next year, with the COVID-19 pandemic “still raging” and inflation continuing to rise, combined with President Joe Biden’s historically bad approval ratings.

“What’s more, the political coalition that helped power Democratic victories in Georgia last year appears fragile,” the outlet also notes, with the possibility of a loss in the gubernatorial race or the Senate race both being seen as potential “titanic” blows to the party.

One Georgia Democrat told the outlet that they have the “best” candidates they could ask for in “superstar” Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock.

Superstar? Do they really think people actually like those two?

If they can’t pull it off, the mystery Democratic official said, then it’s going to be a “rough cycle” for the Democrats “across the board.”

The Democrats will be defending extremely small majorities in both the House and the Senate in Georgia next year, and with Warnock going head-to-head with Republican candidate Herschel Walker – a beloved and famous retired football star – things aren’t looking good for the Democrats.

Next year will be a big year, and if Stacey Abrams has her way, the election will be influenced by everything from mail-in voting to ballot harvesting.

Expect more Democrat tricks in this “ground zero” battleground for 2022.