George Soros’ Takeover Of Anti-Communism Radio Could Be Led By Clinton Staffers

( )- Radio Mambi, Miami’s conservative Spanish-language talk radio station, may soon be controlled by Obama and Clinton campaign strategists. The sale to a George Soros-linked entity has outraged the station, Miami’s Cuban-American community, and conservative media watchdogs.

Radio Mambi, historically associated with the Cuban exile community and anti-communists, would be controlled by liberals. Soros will partially own it if the $60 million purchase is allowed by the FCC (FCC).

Jorge Bonilla, director of MRC Latino, called it a leftist power grab.

Bonilla said this is power and control. There is no free speech here. “Misinformation” is irrelevant. This contract is problematic since it controls information flow to a specific community for political gain.

“You’re looking at the shutdown or drastic restructuring of a historic radio station,” Bonilla said.

Bonilla believes the imminent acquisition has a definite, strategic aim as influential liberals will control Miami’s “mainstay of the right” and Spanish-language stations in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Antonio.

Lakestar Finance, a Soros Fund Management-affiliated investment group, helped finance the Latino Media Network, a new network of 18 Hispanic radio stations, including Radio Mambi. If approved by the FCC, Jess Morales Rocketto, a former Hillary for America and AFL-CIO official, and Stephanie Valencia, a former Obama White House aide, would run Univision’s stations.

“The Soros-funded extremist Left is running a plot to corrupt local media in Florida,” Gov. Ron DeSantis tweeted.
Valencia, accompanied by anti-Trump conservative Al Cardenas, came to Miami last Thursday to try to soothe station tensions. Cardenas is married Ana Navarro, a fake Republican who publicly favors Democrats.

The former Obama advisor told Radio Mambi personnel “nothing will change,” but they don’t believe her.

A source at Radio Mambi said, “Nobody believes her.” They think we’re dumb.
Valencia reportedly called Soros a “lender,” not an investment. Valencia told the gathering she didn’t have a strategy for the station, so someone asked why Soros would lend $60 million to a nonprofit with no plan.

Valencia said, “They like what we want to do,” admitting they are going to “do something” that appeals to an ardent leftist.

Advertisers are reportedly looking for exits. Employees are leaving.

Many Radio Mambi workers are the children of Cuban exiles, and there is the pressure at home not to have a left-of-center format. According to Bonilla, one notable employee’s mother expects him to quit if the sale is approved.

“Radio Mambi is in disarray,” he stated.

If the FCC approves the agreement, Soros’ group will acquire control in 2023.

Valencia declined to comment.