George Soros Linked To Possible “Death Spread” Across America

The propaganda machine would have you believe that marijuana is a healthy and valuable “medicine.” But, researchers have found a correlation between long-term use and neurodegeneration in the prefrontal cortex and schizophrenia. Marijuana’s increased potency has led to more significant addiction and health hazards.

Meanwhile, the Drug Policy Alliance has received millions from international banker George Soros. The alliance takes credit for enacting laws that radically altered how illicit drugs were handled in the United States, leading to a “death spread.”

The coalition’s efforts made marijuana legal in 11 states and the District of Columbia. 

However, hundreds of municipalities have seen a rise in addiction, murder, and mayhem after marijuana legalization was implemented.

Similar to the rise in alcohol use and abuse that followed the repeal of prohibition, marijuana use and misuse have skyrocketed in states where the drug is now legal. More addictions, brain damage, and broken homes will result from any Drug Policy Alliance victory.

The advantages of legalization were supposedly numerous. Less violent bloodshed might be expected. Tax money for states would be pouring in. The number of people taking opioids to manage pain would go down.

Nothing of the kind has occurred.

After marijuana was legalized, there was a spike in crime. Since possession is legal, it is difficult to crack down on the underground market, which was caused by the high taxes and controls on licensed cannabis merchants.

Small county sheriffs lack the resources to shut down illegal marijuana plantations, leaving vulnerable rural populations who have never before seen drug violence. 

Governments are left with large expenditures on drug addiction treatment centers, while the lofty tax collection estimates from legal marijuana sales fall far short of forecasts. The illegal market is nearly twice as big as the legitimate one, which explains why.

It seems that the long perspective is never considered in leftist initiatives. They believe that because they are good people, their ideas must also be good. It seems to be the exact opposite virtually all of the time.