George Soros Hires Dangerous New Political Operative

( )- RC Di Mezzo, the national press secretary for the odious Lincoln Project has left the anti-Trump PAC to become the communications director for the George Soros-funded “anti-disinformation” group, Good Information Inc.

Before signing on with the cranks and pedophiles at the Lincoln Project, Di Mezzo was communications director for the Vermont Democrat Party. You know, that noted party of Lincoln.

Di Mezzo’s new employer, Good Information Inc. is led by Democrat strategist Tara McGowen who has been involved with multiple organizations with financial ties to George Soros. Before joining Good Information, Inc., McGowen ran ACRONYM and Courier Newsroom.

You may remember ACRONYM as the group that funded Shadow Inc., the Democrat-contracted firm that made such a complete mess of the 2020 Iowa caucus, it took days to figure out who won.

ACRONYM’s Courier Newsroom is a network of left-wing media websites masquerading as “local news” outlets and has been accused of peddling “hyperlocal partisan propaganda.” Good Information Inc. purchased Courier Newsroom from ACRONYM for an undisclosed sum.

Good Information, Inc. was launched in 2021 with the financial backing of Democrat mega-donors like Reid Hoffman and George Soros. The purpose of this left-wing organization is to “fund and scale businesses that cut through echo chambers with fact-based information.”

Considering Good Information Inc. just purchased Courier Newsroom, it isn’t exactly off to a good start.

Hiring Di Mezzo also flies in the face of Good Information Inc.’s supposed mission to deliver “fact-based information” considering he was part of the Lincoln Project when they came up with the disastrous scheme to have Democrat Party operatives dress up like the Charlottesville Tiki Torch white supremacists outside of a Glenn Youngkin campaign event.

Then again, we all know that Good Information Inc. isn’t interested in “fact-based information” any more than the Lincoln Project is interested in defending the Party of Lincoln.

In that regard, Good Information Inc. and RC Di Mezzo are a match made in heaven.