George Soros Election “Software” Being Used Overseas

The name George Soros is very familiar in U.S. political circles and worldwide finance. Now it’s reported that he’s also active in voting machines for an upcoming Paraguay election. 

Marito Abdo Benitez, the current Paraguayan president, whom his people have called a “shill” for the CIA and World Economic Forum, is offering the choice of two voting software choices for voting machines. 

The software choices are presented as different, but both have definite connections to Soros. A long-time Soros associate, Mark Malloch-Brown, controls “Smartmatic” software which is suing Fox News for $2.7 billion for defamation.

The second choice is “Magic Software Argentina,” which is also controlled by another Soros hack, Eduardo Elsztain. Elsztain received $10 million from Soros and is the largest landowner in Argentina, referred to as “The Owner.” Magic Software was deemed the winner in the bidding, but the Paraguayan people were the ultimate losers.

Magic Software Argentina’s ballot printing hardware is the only voting machine in the world using RFID chips and is vulnerable to hacking. 

Soros has also been shown to be involved in a transnational drug trafficking ring in Paraguay. 

The Paraguayan government, controlled by President Abdo, switched to electronic voting machines in 2022, gearing up for the 2023 election. In late 2022 8,500 voting machines were destroyed in a fire of suspicious origin, prompting the need for new software bidding. 

Fraud was suspected in the 2019 Argentina election, which used Magic Software Argentina. Local officials did not allow an audit of the source code used by the voting machines. This action mirrored the fraudulent 2022 elections in nearby Brazil. 

There is concern that the same fraud could influence the election outcome in Paraguay. 

Economist Santiago Pena’s conservative Colorado Party received 42 percent of the vote, and his center-left challenger, Efrain Alegre, of the Concertacion Nacional coalition received 28 percent of the vote and conceded the election. 

The Colorado Party has maintained political control of Paraguay for over 70 years.