George Soros Dumps $1 Million In A Liberal Super PAC

( )- Notorious left-wing philanthropist who donates to left-wing causes has donated $1 million to the pro-Israel organization “J Street,” Federal Election Commission filings revealed, as reported by Haaretz. George Soros’ contribution from his Democracy PAC is 20 times larger than any donation the organization has previously received and comes after their competitor, AIPAC, received nearly $30 million in donations since their formation at the end of 2021.

Democracy PAC was created ahead of the 2020 election, during which he reportedly donated more than $80 million to Democratic candidates and organizations, giving the PAC $125 million earlier this year to support “pro-democracy causes and candidates, regardless of political party, who are invested in strengthening the infrastructure of American democracy: voting rights and civic participation, civil rights and liberties, and the rule of law.”

The PAC received a little over $25 million from his Fund for Policy Reform, another lobbying organization within his Open Society Foundation, which contributes 6% of J Street’s annual budget.

“We have been proud of and continue to be proud of our association with George Soros, the Soros family and Open Society. That is something we’ve been proud of since 2009 when they first started funding us,” said J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami, who also criticized AIPAC’s super PAC for using Republican donations to fund primaries against Democrats.

Ben-Ami suggested that if AIPAC agrees not to fund Republican candidates or put money in Democratic primaries in 2024, then they will also not do that in 2024. “But if the other side is going to continue to spend heavily in these kinds of races, then we have to defend the people who share our values and share our principles,” he added.

Ben-Ami then called those who he opposes a “threat to democracy.”

“The issue isn’t George Soros; the issue is the candidates that are running in this election, who are a threat to our democracy and to the American national interest,” Ben-Ami said. “AIPAC and its funders have chosen to throw their support behind candidates who are a threat to this country and to our very foundation—that’s where the focus should be.”

George Soros is part of an initiative titled, “Good Information, Inc.” which allegedly combats “misinformation.” A prominent tyrant, Nandini Jammi, who is part of the Soros-backed initiative, has successfully demonetized conservative websites and others that she does not agree with through online Twitter rampages.