George Soros Blows Whistle On Chinese Genocide, Begs For Accountability

( )- A concerned George Soros warned in late January that China’s President Xi Jinping’s position as the Communist Party’s leader is at risk.

Speaking at a teleconference panel with the Hoover Institution on January 31, the billionaire Leftist said the Omicron variant “threatens to be Xi Jinping’s undoing” because the virus is “no longer under control” in China.

Soros said China’s COVID vaccines were designed for the original “Wuhan variant” and now the world is “struggling with other variants.” The problem Xi Jinping faces, Soros explained, is that he can’t admit this is the case “while he is waiting to be appointed for a third term.” Instead, Soros believes Xi is hiding this “guilty secret” from the Chinese people, and his only move is to impose China’s “zero-COVID” policy.

Soros is worried that the severe lockdowns associated with the “zero-COVID” policy could threaten Xi’s chances of being reinstated as the Communist Chinese Party’s leader when its National Party Congress meets this year to decide whether to give Xi a third term in office.

Soros explained that Xi has “many enemies” in China, despite his total control over the military and the surveillance state. And while nobody can publicly oppose Xi, behind closed doors “there is a fight brewing within the CCP.” He said Xi is “under attack” from those who want private enterprise to have a greater role in China’s economy.

He warned that China’s economic model based on its real estate market is unsustainable because the system is built on credit. People who are buying apartments must begin paying for them before the apartments are built and local governments receive most of their revenue from selling land “at ever-rising prices.”

A hopeful Soros added that he believes Xi has the tools available to “re-establish confidence.” The only question, however, is whether Xi will use those tools properly. He said the world should know by the second quarter of 2022, whether President Xi succeeds. But right now, Soros added, “the current situation doesn’t look promising for Xi.”