George Floyd Relatives Caught Helping CCP

( )- The family of George Floyd, the man who died in police custody after being arrested for using counterfeit bills, has reportedly contributed money to several media programs encouraging the defunding of the American police departments…which are run by the Chinese Communist Party.

A report from The National Pulse revealed how Angela Harrelson, Floyd’s auntie, appeared on a documentary produced and aired by the China Global Television Network titled, “Police Brutality Victims Call for Police Reform.”

Does anyone seriously think China has any genuine concern about woke social justice issues in America?

It wasn’t the first time Harrelson appeared on the network, either, having initially given an exclusive interview to the Chinese-run network in July of last year.

The television network is registered officially as a foreign agent in the United States and is run entirely by the Chinese Communist Party.

You can see the exclusive interview in the clip below.

The new documentary featured more of Floyd’s relatives, toom including Justin Blake – his uncle.

And just like George Floyd, Jacob Blake has a criminal history. A pretty serious one. Jacob Blake admitted in January this year that he had a gun when he was shot by police officers in Kenosha. Speaking to ABC7, Blake admitted that he dropped his knife and walked in front of a vehicle. Officer Rusten Sheskey said that he came towards him holding the knife.

Nice family…

During the interview with the Chinese propaganda outlet, Justin Blake called for the total defunding of the American police force.

“They continue to want more money to build a bigger machine to jail more of our people? Stop it,” he said, without recognizing the obvious reality that police officers work to protect American citizens from criminals of all races.

If you want to watch the propaganda film, it will be available on May 17.