“Friends” Actor Reveals Fatal Cancer Diagnosis

(RoyalPatriot.com )- James Michael Tyler, the actor who played Gunther on the legendary 90s TV sitcom “Friends,” revealed on Monday that he has been diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer.

Tyler, who played an employee of the coffee shop “Central Perk,” announced the news on Monday on “Today.”

He said he was 56 years old when the doctors screened for PSA, a prostate-specific antigen.

He said that the screening came back with an “extraordinarily high number,” meaning that he knew immediately that there was something wrong from his blood work. He said his doctor called him immediately and said he needed to come in as he suspected a “serious problem” with his prostate.

Tyler was not one of the main cast on Friends, but he’s just as recognizable as the other characters. He appeared on the recent reunion show for Friends that was aired on HBO Max, appearing via video conference to talk about his experience and why he wanted to be on the show.

He said that he wanted to be a part of the HBO Max special. He said it was his decision to appear via Zoom, because he didn’t want to bring a “downer” on the episode with his bad news.

“I didn’t want to be like, ‘oh, and by the way, Gunter has cancer,’” he said.

Tyler said that he is currently going through a chemotherapy treatment to stop the cancer, and used the recent press to urge other men to get early screenings to catch diagnoses early.

The earlier a prostate diagnosis is made, the easier it is to treat the condition.

He warned that there are other options for treatment for those who catch prostate cancer earlier and urged men to ask their doctor for a PSA test next time they have a screening.

Well, he says men. The woke left would say “penis-having persons.”