Friend Of Kamala Harris Says She Was Physically Assaulted In School

( )- The childhood best friend of Vice President Kamala Harris, Stacey Johnson Batiste, is cashing in on her familiarity with the young future vice president’s history and has published a book in which she described her experiences in childhood with her.

In the memoir, titled “Friends From the Beginning: The Berkeley Village that Raised Kamala and Me,” Batiste explains what it was like growing up in California and tells the story of a schoolyard bully who left Harris bloodied on the playground.

In the book, Batiste explained how her mother and Harris’ mother were among the “early activists” who turned Berkeley into the far-left hub it is today.

“We were a happy, loud, and vibrant crew, led by mothers who were both petite, but who loomed large,” she said.

They really do think they’re freedom fighters, don’t they?

An excerpt of the book, which was published by The Daily Mail, reveals how the girls who enrolled in the Berkwood Hedge Private School. Batiste claimed it was “very progressive” even at that time, and that they were both surrounded by a “vibrant range of students.”

She also described how everyone in their small class would sit in a circle on the flood every morning, listening to the teacher read, and that the class “resembled some sort of diversity catalog.”

Then, she recounted how the children were asked to mold shapes out of clay, and that she and Harris sat admiring their clay when a young five-year-old boy pulled the piece out of her hand and destroyed it, while laughing at them.

‘I was stunned, and devastated, as I looked down at my shattered piece of art, tears welling up in my eyes,” Batiste said.


She. Then said that Kamala stepped in between her and the boy and began shouting at him, telling him “exactly what she thought of his behavior.”

That’s probably some kind of “yas queen” moments the left likes to talk about…

The boy then picked up a rock and smashed it on Harris’ head, leaving her bloodied.

If you’re wondering why anybody cares about this decades-old story, you’re not the only one.