French Police Suspect Russian Involvement in Coffin Incident at Paris

Mulhouse - France - 6 February 2020 - Portrait on back view of french municipal police on motorbike looking demonstration against pension reforms in the street

Russian intelligence may have coordinated the startling display that saw coffins wrapped in the French flag and carrying the message “French soldiers in the Ukraine” put near the Eiffel Tower in early June.

Surveillance video showed a white vehicle with Bulgarian license plates driving up near the monument. Two guys, all clad in black, then proceeded to unload five coffins and place them on the sidewalk. 

Rapid action led to the arrest of all three suspects. Detectives in Paris allegedly found evidence linking one of the detainees to a different gang that vandalized a Holocaust monument in the French city last month on his phone.

According to France’s foreign ministry, the Russian Federation’s Federal Security Service (FSB) is believed to have orchestrated both this crime and another one in October, when over 200 Stars of David were stenciled on walls around the French city.

An insider claimed that the stunt was an attempt to shame France for its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. The source said Russia is actively trying to throw France for a loop.

The French and Ukrainian defense ministries have been in talks regarding the potential deployment of French troops to train fighters from Kyiv on Ukrainian land, which led to this disturbing action.

The Russian Embassy in Paris responded quickly, saying it strongly protests French media’s newest Russophobic campaign and that Russia does not intervene in France’s domestic affairs.

The three males, a Bulgarian (39), a German( 25), and a Ukrainian teen, said they were hired to do the task and did so because they were jobless and desperate for money.

French troops will train Ukrainian soldiers after signing a pact with the defense ministry. The French military ministry has negotiated the arrangement with Kyiv officials since February, but it has not been verified.

The Kremlin said any Western Army advisers in the nation would be vulnerable to Russian attacks. Macron, who was once working to keep communications open with Putin, recently said he could not rule out sending soldiers to Ukraine.

Putin warned Macron in February that France would experience what Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grand Armée had, which suffered a heavy loss in 1812.