French Hill Calls For Pelosi To Be Investigated

( )- Among the thirty-five Republicans who joined the House Democrats in voting to establish a January 6 Commission was Arkansas Congressman French Hill. And in an effort to justify his vote, Hill explained to Breitbart News that he believes a commission is necessary to get answers about the lack of security in the US Capitol on January 6.

“I want answers from Speaker Pelosi,” Hill explained.

There are many valid questions surrounding the events of that day.

For example, who shot Ashli Babbitt and why is his name being withheld?

Where is the more than fourteen thousand hours of surveillance video from within the Capitol and why is the Capitol Police refusing to release them?

Whatever happened to the investigation into who planted those alleged pipe bombs?

And, as Reed wants to know, who made the decision not to accept the 10,000 National Guard troops offered by President Trump? Was it, as Congressman Jim Jordan has claimed, Nancy Pelosi and her Sergeant-at-Arms who refused?

These questions do indeed require answers. But is Congressman Reed being naïve to think any commission established by Speaker Pelosi will address them in good faith?

In her American Greatness column after the commission vote, senior contributor Julie Kelly — who has been covering the January 6 fallout extensively – explained that during the debate on the Commission vote, members of Congress continued to peddle falsehoods about what happened on that day.

Member after member stood on the House floor and claimed that officer Brian Sicknick lost his life because of the riot.

This is untrue. Sicknick died of a stroke on January 7, and the medical examiner ruled that his death was unrelated to the events of the day before.

But that didn’t matter to members of the House. From Eric Swalwell to Val Demings to Republican John Katko parroted the claim that Sickwick was killed as a result of the riot.

It seems unlikely that a commission authorized by the very people who continue to lie about this three hour melee will be an honest and nonpartisan accounting of the day.

As Julie Kelly explained in her column, this commission isn’t about truth, only revenge.

Congressman Reed may want to get serious answers to the lack of security. But it is doubtful he will get them from Nancy Pelosi’s commission.