France Bans “Woke” Gender Neutral Words

( )- When the French are sounding saner than us, you know it’s gotten bad.

This month, the Daily Mail reported that France has banned schools from using ‘gender-neutral’ spellings of words, calling them “harmful” to the French language.

France’s education ministry initiated the order, and their state secretary for primary education, Nathalie Elimas, called using gender-neutral words “a danger for our country.” Not only that, she predicted that changing word usage would be “the death knell for the use of French in the world.”

The Academie Francaise, the organization charged with the safeguarding of the French language echoed those sentiments, saying that such a change would be “harmful to the practice and understanding of [French].”

Gender-equality activists in France have been pushing for gender-neutral alternatives to French’s gendered grammar. Their goal is to introduce stops in the middle of words, called “midpoints,” allowing for both male and female usage, similar to alternative written pronouns gaining popularity in English such as “s/he” and “xe/xem.”

Elimas said that using non-gendered words would in fact push more people away from French and into English, an already non-gendered language, stating that, “With the spread of inclusive writing, the English language—already quasi-hegemonic across the world—would certainly and perhaps forever defeat the French language.”

The French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer also expressed concern that a change in the French language would encumber those with learning disabilities, as the written and spoken word are increasingly differentiated.

A French teacher’s union has already come out against the order, calling on schools and educators to ignore the directive, and called on the minister to “stop trying to impose his backwardness on the educational community.”

This story seems to be just the latest episode in the recent concern the French have had toward encroaching American “woke culture.” In a speech in October, French President Emmanuel Macron decried what he called “certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States.”

Blanquer went even further, saying in part that “There is a fight to be waged against an intellectual matrix coming from American universities and intersectional theses.”

Well, isn’t that a breath of fresh air. It’s only too bad it’s coming from the other side of the Atlantic.