Fox Star Accuses George Soros On National TV

( )- Last week, on his Fox Nation streaming service, “Tucker Carlson Originals,” host Tucker Carlson gave subscribers an inside look at the secret war in Hungary being waged by billionaire investor George Soros.

In the January 26 episode now available through Fox Nation, Carlson interviews Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has had a long and complicated history with the Leftist billionaire.

Orban attended Oxford University on a Soros Foundation scholarship before he entered politics. And despite attending Oxford as a Soros protégé, Orban diverged from Soros’ globalist views to become an anti-communist and Hungarian nationalist.

In the interview filmed in Hungary, Orban tells Tucker that Soros is a symbol of everything the Hungarian right despises. But that hasn’t stopped Soros from trying to transform Hungary to match his globalist vision.

Utilizing an army of non-profit NGOs, Soros has launched a “subtle” form of warfare on Hungary, Orban said. Soros has used these NGOs to fuel his propaganda campaign throughout Europe, sadly, with great success.

In 2015, Soros spent vast sums of money on pro-refugee propaganda. He lobbied European governments to open their borders to refugees from across the world – mostly from the Middle East and Northern Africa. By August 2017, Europe had received a million asylum applications.

Hungary, however, stood up to Soros and refused to accept these refugees.

Unlike the Biden administration, Orban constructed a border barrier and enforced law. However, thanks to the influx of money from George Soros, foreign nations and the media have fought Orban every step of the way.

Tucker’s Fox Nation broadcast is only available to those who subscribe to Fox’s streaming service. However, last Thursday during his Fox News program, Tucker ran a brief preview for his series “Hungary vs Soros, The Fight for Civilization.”

Watch the preview HERE.