Fox News Suggests Biden’s Mental Condition Is Very Bad

( )- On Wednesday, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson began his show by commenting on President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech from the previous evening.

Biden and some of the circumstances surrounding the speech received the usual harsh criticism from Carlson. During his monologue, however, he analyzed Biden’s mental state, something that Carlson has been alerting people to for years.

In July of last year, Carlson quoted White House doctor Ronny Jackson, who stated that watching Biden deliver a speech “bothered him deeply as a physician.”

JOE BIDEN: I’m here to ask you for your help. Where I come from, you don’t get far unless you ask. My name’s Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.

Carlson said that Ronny Jackson immediately took to Twitter to make the obvious point when he saw that. Before all else, “Joe Biden has to have a cognitive evaluation.” “That is what the nation deserves.”

Over a year later, Carlson says Biden’s degradation is plain to see.

Last week Carlson asked his viewers if they saw “eighty-year-old Joe Biden shuffling, stiff-legged and bewildered to the podium, a husk held together by Botox and enough amphetamines from the White House doctor to read the slogans written for him by unelected Obama acolytes who actually run the government.”

“This is our President, ladies, and gentlemen,” Carlson declared.

Carlson said, “the whole scene is so awful, so degrading to our once proud country, it cannot end soon enough.”

He did say, however, that, at times, the SOTU was pretty amusing. He noted that at one point, the “eminent TV doctor, Dr. Jill, who really ought to have her own show on Bravo dispensing sassy and empowering medical advice, walked over to Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, and kissed him deeply, square in the mouth without a mask.”

That’s something that “ never, ever happens at his house,” Carlson quipped.

He said there was an unmistakable “1970s-suburban-Connecticut- key-party vibe to it,” referring to wife-swapping parties.

“So that really was the highlight of the evening, Dr. Jill making out with the Vice President’s husband and then Joe Biden bragging about a job she doesn’t actually have. Pretty hard not to find that funny,“ Carlson said, perhaps laughing instead of crying.