Fox News Sets New Record With Jesse Watters

( )- Fox News recently enjoyed its 23rd consecutive week beating every single other cable news channel in terms of viewership – and some news anchors have more to celebrate than others.

Jesse Watters, who recently began hosting a new primetime show after ending his popular “Watters World” show, debuted on Monday with a massive 3.8 million total viewers, with some 537,000 within the coveted 25-54 age demographic.

It means that the brand new show came second in the ratings, beating popular news anchor Tucker Carlson and coming right behind the network’s favorite show, The Five.

It proved that Fox made the right decision to move Watters to prime time, bolstering its already growing viewership and doubling the average number of viewers over the same day last year.

Compare these numbers to CNN, and things are looking bad for the left-wing press. CNN’s 9pm “Democracy In Peril” special – hosted by Jim Acosta and designed to scare Americans into thinking that Republicans are trying to strip away voting rights from non-whites and overthrow democracy – attracted only 511,000 total average viewers. That’s more than 3.3 million fewer voters than Watters’ show.

CNN is presumably hoping that former President Donald Trump will run for office again. It would give them an opportunity to propagate more conspiracy theories about the former president and pull in the kind of viewership they enjoyed during the biggest manufactured scandals of his presidency…