Fox News Screws Up Trump Graphic On National TV

( )- Newsweek likes to find any excuse to have a go at Republicans and former President Donald Trump, so it perhaps isn’t surprising that this news outlet chose to write an entire story on how Fox News suffered a technical malfunction during a report on The Ingraham Angle about former President Trump’s many achievements.

Laura Ingraham began the segment by listing some of the top achievements from former President Donald Trump, and behind her, an on-screen graphic was meant to begin listing them all. However, the graphic malfunctioned after only listing two things – no more wars and better trade policies. At that point, the graphic started showing empty spaces where the achievements should have gone.

Of course, the clip went viral, with people thinking it was funny because – apparently – the former president didn’t achieve anything. Which is obviously not true.

You can see the clip below:

It might actually be funny if Ingraham was listing the “achievements” of President Joe Biden – because so far, all this president has done is increase the cost of living and the cost of gas, allow Putin to invade a sovereign European country, and encourage millions of illegal aliens to cross the southern border of the United States from Mexico.

We’re not sure why this went viral or why Newsweek thought it was worth writing an entire article about, but what else do you expect from the left-wing press these days?