Fox News Reports “BRIBES” – It’s All Biden!

( )- Jesse Waters, a panelist on The Five, slammed President Biden last week over what one called his “transparently political” release of oil reserves ahead of the midterm elections, according to Daily Caller.

“You’re raiding the rainy-day fund, and it’s not a rainy day. He’s been saying we’re going to have nuclear Armageddon with Russia, he’s been saying that China’s about to prey on Taiwan, he’s been saying that climate change is making hurricanes more ferocious,” co-host Jesse Watters said. “Those are when you want to use the rainy-day funds, not when the Democrats are about to get rocked. No wonder Hunter Biden handles the finances and money.”

Biden reportedly announced his plans to release 14 million barrels of oil from the U.S.’s stockpile last week in an effort to cut gas prices that he blames on oil companies, saying that they need to increase production. Biden denied claims that the release was politically motivated.

Piers Morgan then added on to the criticism of Biden and his inability to hold himself accountable for the mistakes he has made.

“If you chart the genesis of his relationship with the Saudis, for example, when he was running for president, he was very vocal, the Saudis had to become pariahs,” Piers Morgan said. “I’m sure that didn’t go down well with the Saudis, who consider themselves to be an ally with the United States. Then, of course he’s been flirting again with the Iranians, that again will not go down well with the Saudis. So, surprise surprise, the Saudis are not overly keen to help him out in his moment of need about oil prices and decided to cut production and Joe Biden is throwing his toys out of the stroller about it. Well, you reap what you sow to an extent.”

Saudi Arabia recently alleged that Biden recently sought to delay oil production cuts ahead of the midterms as he is now threatening the country with cutting off arms supplies, according to The Daily Wire. In his July visit, Biden also reportedly promised to make the country a “pariah” for killing Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi if they did not delay cutting oil production. Critics of the president are suggesting that this looks a lot like a quid pro quo that Trump was impeached for.

Morgan continued to say that Biden’s release of the stockpile is a ploy to get Democrats’’ ratings back up before the midterms as gas prices are rising again. Waters also said that Biden’s “bribes suck,” adding that if he’s going to bribe us, “give us something great.”