Fox News Refuses To Air Trump’s Speech, But Airs Mike Pence’s Speech

( )- Last Tuesday, both former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence were in Washington DC to deliver remarks at two different events. Trump spoke at the America First Policy Institute summit while, just hours earlier, Mike Pence gave a speech at the Young America’s Foundation’s national student conference.

And though the Fox News Network broadcast about 17 minutes of Mike Pence’s 48-minute remarks live, the network didn’t broadcast a single minute of Trump’s speech live. Instead, Fox News only featured clips from Trump’s speech later that day.

Naturally, die-hard Trump supporters didn’t take it at all well, taking to social media to vent their anger and vowing never to watch Fox News again.

The liberal outlet Huffington Post took great delight in Fox giving a cold shoulder to Trump, quickly pointing out that Fox hasn’t broadcast most of the former president’s live speeches over the past year.

Now, it is possible that Fox, which is being sued by Dominion voting systems for defamation, has chosen not to cover Trump’s speeches live to avoid airing more accusations about the 2020 election being stolen as a way to save itself added grief.

Whatever the case, the Trump faithful are viewing the snub as Fox News picking a side.

Trump’s speech aired on C-Span in its entirety.

C-Span also aired the entirety of Pence’s speech as well.