Fox News Loses Connection During Interview 

Was it an electronic malfunction or something more sinister? A Fox News host, Laura Ingraham, was speaking on air with George Hill, one of the FBI whistleblowers when the connection between the two was mysteriously lost. 

Hill was discussing that Bank of America allegedly tracked American depositor’s bank records. The feed failed after Hill told Ingraham that the messenger was being attacked while the message was ignored. 

Hill testified to the House Judiciary Committee that Bank of America was tracking clients who had used B of A credit cards to purchase firearms in any state or year and if they used their cards in the greater Washington, D.C. on January 5, 6, or 7, 2021.

While there was no specific directive from the FBI to track innocent Americans, Bank of America data-mined its depositors and submitted the gun purchases list to the FBI. 

If the whistleblower had not come forward, this privacy intrusion into the purchases of innocent Americans by Bank of America would still be unknown. 

It’s unknown how many of the other 54 FBI offices capitulated to the request for information about innocent Americans. 

One field office that refused to comply with the request was the Boston office which said the request had “no predication.”

The Boston field office defended its position by stating that the act of using a Bank of America credit card anywhere in the U.S. was not a crime. 

The pressure was put on the FBI regional office by ASAC and SAC to comply with the D.C. request to institute investigations. 

Hill testified that Boston’s field office was threatened that the D.C. office would go up the chain of command to the assistant agent in charge of the office and up to the special agent in charge. 

But all personnel in the Boston FBI office stood firm in their refusal to open any investigations or cases. 

They stated that no credit or debit card activity would warrant any opened cases.