Fox News Is Calling Ukraine Invasion A New “Forever War”

( )- A far-left media outlet said that not too long ago, saying “forever war” was used to start an argument. The far-left used it to say bad things about the U.S. military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Later, Donald Trump, following in the footsteps of a small group of Conservatives who were against these wars, railed against endless wars while making a deal with the Taliban to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan. In 2021, his successor, President Joe Biden, failed to keep Trump’s promises and thirteen American servicemen died in a botched evacuation because of this.

The outlet explained that even though Biden’s plan to pull out of Afghanistan didn’t work, the idea of a “forever war” has become more popular on the right. This is because the right has taken an inaccurate term and used it even less accurate to describe the war in Ukraine, which started on February 24 when Russian forces rolled across their neighbor’s borders.

So, because this particular Ukraine/Russia war is “fresh,” it shouldn’t be called a long war.

OK then.

The report claimed Tucker Carlson said the war was planned to bring a change in the Russian government, even though Vladimir Putin himself started the invasion. John Daniel Davidson noted it turned into a war of attrition and suggested the U.S. do something to bring about a negotiated peace but didn’t mention that Russia should, too.

The piece also complained that Mollie Hemingway tweeted, ‘Welcome to your new forever war!” Even though the war was only four months old.

Yeah, so shut up, Mollie. People have only been getting killed for four lousy months!

The report ends with more nitpicking of the phrase “forever war,” complaining that it used to refer to wars in which American troops fought for years.

In truth, any war is “forever” when participants are occupied, goaded, or funded to continue it. Often to a funder’s advantage.  That’s how “forever wars” start. Not understanding that is to be forever ignorant.