Fox News Has Made An Enemy Out Of Dinesh D’Souza

( )- For several weeks now, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza has been criticizing the Fox News Channel and Newsmax, claiming the two conservative news outlets are censoring any mention of his latest film, “2,000 Mules.”

And in a sneering, gleeful write-up at The Daily Beast’s “Confider,” “media reporter” Justin Baragona took a great deal of delight in D’Souza’s predicament.

Baragona mocked D’Souza’s film for getting “shredded” by fact-checkers. He gleefully pointed out that the documentary had “gaping holes” and the claims of voter fraud in the film were “provably false.”

The Fox News-hating Daily Beast reporter seemed especially delighted that D’Souza was attacking Tucker Carlson, whom Baragona despises. He ridiculed D’Souza for “going as far as sharing” text messages from Carlson’s executive producer, Justin Wells.

Baragona writes that attacking Tucker Carlson might have been a bridge too far for Fox News because since then, D’Souza has “all but disappeared” from Fox.

Baragona writes that the last time D’Souza appeared on Fox was April 27 when he was interviewed by Larry Kudlow on the Fox Business channel.

As others have pointed out already, Baragona adds that Fox News Channel and Newsmax are both facing multi-billion-dollar defamation suits from Dominion Voting Systems for reporting on the claims made by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell after the 2020 election that the Dominion software “flipped” votes from Trump to Biden.

Given the litigation against both channels, it is likely attorneys for both Fox and Newsmax have cautioned them to steer clear of D’Souza’s film.

Baragona closes his sneering write-up by claiming only Trump’s “most loyal acolytes” are praising D’Souza’s film.

He goes on to claim that “some key MAGA media figures” are distancing themselves from D’Souza’s “most outlandish claims.”

To prove his point, Baragona links to a Daily Beast article that provides one “key MAGA media figure,” namely conservative Ben Shapiro. However, Shapiro didn’t distance himself from the film. Instead, he simply argued that D’Souza’s conclusion wasn’t supported by the evidence presented. Shapiro said that the dots were there, but D’Souza failed to connect them.

The other “key MAGA media figure” cited in the article is syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly who got irritated with people on Twitter who kept demanding he talk about “2,000 Mules.” In a Twitter thread responding to them, Kelly pointed out that he has talked about the film on his program and even had Dinesh D’Souza on his show to discuss it.

How Baragona could perceive that as Jesse Kelly “distancing” himself from the movie is anybody’s guess.