Fox News Debate Decision Has Finally Been Set

On Wednesday, the Republican National Committee announced that the first Republican primary debate for 2024 will be aired by Fox News and live-streamed on Rumble.

In a statement to Fox News, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel said the first GOP primary debate would be held in Milwaukee, the site of the 2024 Republican National Convention, in August.

For the August debate, the RNC is partnering with Fox News, Young America’s Foundation, and the video platform Rumble.

In an interview on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning, McDaniel was asked if there will be just one debate or if it would be broken down into two. She said right now, the RNC doesn’t know how many candidates will be in the race, and the size of the field would “dictate” the number of stages. As it currently stands, McDaniel said she doesn’t see the need for two separate debates, but admitted that might change, adding, “The field’s forming later than usual.”

In a statement on Wednesday, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said the video platform is “thrilled to partner with the RNC” to live-stream the debates and “help promote open dialogue.”

Young America’s Foundation president, former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, said in a statement that the August debate will provide the opportunity to “introduce more young Americans to the value of freedom and opportunity for all.”

The first primary debate coincides with the RNC’s summer meeting in Milwaukee.

When asked on “Fox and Friends” if the RNC will require candidates to pledge to support the eventual nominee to appear on the debate stage, McDaniel explained that what is important is “beating Joe Biden” and what is currently happening in the United States. She said that can only happen if the Republican Party is united, which is why the RNC wants “every candidate to pledge that heading into this process.”