Fox News Bans Rudy Giuliani

( )- Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City who is respected globally for his response to the tragic 9/11 terror attacks, has reportedly been banned from Fox News.

The same Fox News that is based in New York City, and which only has its base in the city because of advocacy and support from Giuliani during his time as mayor.

Not only has the former mayor been banned from the network, but Newsmax reports that his son, Andrew Giuliani, has also been banned. It has major implications for the Giuliani family, not just because it hurts the former mayor’s legacy and reputation, but also because his son Andrew Giuliani is currently running to be the next governor of New York.

Politico Playbook also reported that Bernie Kerik, an adviser to Giuliani and former NYPD Commissioner, is rarely booked on the network.

What is going on?

Speaking to Politico, a Trump aide said that Fox is not doing them “any favors.” An anonymous source also told the outlet that the decision to ban Giuliani “comes from the top” and appears to be related to the ongoing $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems against the former NYC mayor.

You’ll notice that Fox would book Giuliani less shortly after the case was filed.

It’s worth noting that Fox is the only conservative network willing to silence Giuliani. Newsmax, a competing conservative network, was sued just like Fox over the claims – which were reported by Fox news anchors – but the smaller network has not stopped Giuliani from appearing as a frequent guest commentator.

An unnamed Giuliani aide told Politico that he is “really hurt” after he did Rupert Murdoch, the founder of the parent company that owns Fox News, a “big favor” during his time as NYC mayor.

“He was instrumental in getting Fox on Time Warner so it could be watched in New York City,” the source said.

Ask yourself…why would the “very top” of Fox News not want Rudy Giuliani on the network?

Are they trying to hide something?