Former White House Doctor Warns About Biden’s Recent Gaffes

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An article detailing President Joe Biden’s difficulties in handling business behind closed doors was published this week, and according to the former White House physician for both Obama and Trump, this poses a grave danger to the United States.

Rep. Ronny Jackson’s (R-TX) comments follow a story in The Wall Street Journal suggesting that Biden has had difficulty to the point that administration officials in private conversations with him have questioned his mental state, with some wondering if he was awake.

In addition to allegedly forgetting about previously completed agreements and making strange comments to legislators, the paper said that Biden lacked knowledge about the specifics of his own ideas and their implementation.

In its investigation, several individuals, both inside and outside of the White House, and discovered multiple people expressed grave reservations over Biden’s psychological suitability for the position. Their worries are in line with those of the vast majority of voters going into the next election in light of Biden’s history of huge gaffes, such as claiming to have visited with individuals who had died decades ago and forgetting when he was in office.

Jackson said the article confirmed Biden is unqualified to be commander in chief. He ought not to hold the position and he has serious problems. It is a matter of national security for our country.

Democrats and Republicans alike were interviewed for the Journal’s story, which led Jackson to suspect that the Left was plotting to depose Biden.

Given that it is so well-sourced and came out in this form makes Jackson assume that the left is trying to set the stage to remove him, he said.

During the Bush administration, Jackson was a member of the White House Medical Unit (WHMU), but he did not begin his role as president’s physician until July 2013, and he remained in that role until March 28, 2018. From March 2010 to December 2014, Jackson was the director of WHMU. From February 2019 to December 2019, Jackson was the president’s first main medical adviser.

Jackson now serves the position of U.S. Representative for the 13th Congressional District in Texas.