Former Mayor De Blasio Is $2.5 Million In Debt While Still Living Large

( )- Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio might be $2.5 million in debt, but that isn’t stopping him and his wife from living in luxury at a pricey, four-star hotel in Brooklyn where the suites range in price from $600 to $5,000 a night.

De Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray checked into the New York Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge four months ago when New York’s new Mayor Eric Adams took up residence in Gracie Mansion. The socialist couple is staying at the hotel while their Park Slope home is undergoing renovations.

The swanky hotel features an indoor pool, fitness center, two restaurants, and waterfront views. It is owned by the Queens-based real company Muss Development whose owners just so happen to be longtime de Blasio supporters.

Thanks to its ties to the former mayor, Muss Development has received about $239 million in city contracts since de Blasio took office in 2014.

Blas and the missus are living in one of the hotel’s smaller suites that includes a living room and a separate bedroom. Based on the lowest suite rate of $600, their four-month stay could be costing over $72,000.

And who exactly is paying for it?

The New York Post tried to discover the answer to that question, but neither Muss Development nor de Blasio’s spokesman would discuss it.

And while de Blasio is eligible for a six-figure pension and the couple receives rental income from two Brooklyn homes, they are still $2.5 million in debt. De Blasio owes lawyers $300,000 for defending him in the probe into his fundraising efforts. He also owes $200,000 in outstanding bills from now-defunct campaign accounts. On top of that, de Blasio still hasn’t reimbursed the city for the $320,000 he owes for misusing his NYPD security detail during the time he was mayor.

Democrat Councilman Robert Holden of Queens is demanding to know who is footing the bill for de Blasio’s lengthy stay at the swanky hotel. Holden told the New York Post that de Blasio is a “hypocrite living like a 1-percenter.”