Former FBI Agent Dead At 78

( )- James Kallstrom, the veteran Marine and former FBI agent who lead the investigation into the TWA Flight 800 crash has reportedly died at the age of 78.

Kallstrom oversaw the criminal investigation into the crash, which was one of the worst-ever aviation crashes in United States history that occurred in 1996 off of the East Moriches coast. Kallstrom is understood to have died of heart failure on Saturday.

His wife, Susan Kallstrom, confirmed that he sadly passed away in Fairfield, Connecticut.

The former FBI agent was seemingly one of the last high-profile FBI officials who was willing to speak out about the deep state, having previously criticized the way that the Bureau handled the investigation into failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Despite hundreds of thousands of emails going missing, the FBI seemed to turn up nothing and just forget about the whole thing.

Imagine if former President Donald Trump had operated a secret email server and that deleted all evidence of it when he was discovered…

You may also know Kallstrom from his work heading up the New York office of the FBI. In 1997, a year after the TWA Flight 800 crash, Kallstrom pushed for a report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to be suppressed which claimed that a mechanical fault was to blame for the downing of the plane. He argued that the report was both “reprehensible” and “unprofessional,” and that FBI agents were convinced that either a missile or bomb was to blame for the crash.

Eventually, the National Transportation Safety Board’s official investigation ruled out the possibility of a bomb, but investigators filed a petition in 2013 for the investigation to be reopened. To this day, many people – including families of victims – believe that Kallstrom was right.

Rest in peace, James Kallstrom!