Florida Sanctions Schools For Denying Mask Mandate Ban

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Last Thursday, the Florida Department of Education was forced to sanction eight state school districts for defying the ban on school mask mandates. It comes as far-left teachers and school board continue to fight Governor Ron DeSantis on mask mandates, insisting that young children and teenagers are forced to wear masks at school even though they aren’t at risk of suffering serious COVID-19 symptoms.

The school boards impacted by the sanctions include Duval, Hillsborough, Broward, Brevard, Leon, Orange, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade. The school counties now face a number of financial penalties.

Commissioner Richard Corcoran reports that not a single one of the eight countries gave any information or evidence to prove that they were complying with the new state-wide law before a meeting on Thursday.

He said that the countries don’t have the right to choose what parts of the law they decide to follow, and announced that he would be handing out penalties to the districts. As a courtesy, he also gave the school districts 48 hours to either amend their policies or provide evidence that they are complying with the new law that was adopted by the Florida Department of Health in September. Under the law, parents are able to opt out of the mask mandate, allowing their children to go to school without wearing a mask.

Commissioner Corcoran added that the fines should be equivalent to one-twelfth of the annual salary of each school board member. He described how the salary will be withheld until they come into compliance with the law, and warned that he would withhold all federal grants due to be given to the districts.

Will these far-left school board members finally agree to abide by the law, or will they make the poor children suffer in under-funded schools while wearing masks?