Florida Council Meeting Erupts in Laughter After Inadvertent Announcement

Businessman writing on paper notes, to communicate with colleagues in the background

Just as an attractive older woman was going to speak, an improper and ill-timed statement blared over the PA system, causing the assembled Florida city council members to erupt in laughter.

The humorous situation began when Allison Thall, a Community Service Director,  began speaking at the podium during a webcast of Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners in Seminole. The meeting was being held in Sanford, Florida.

As Thall, 61, introduced herself to the board and prepared to discuss the yearly report on affordable housing, a robotic, humanoid male voice suddenly boomed, saying that “older women” are thought of as difficult to “turn on.”

The humiliating but ultimately funny incident, which seemed to have been caused by a board commissioner, starts when Thall approaches the stage and greets the commissioners with a “good morning.”

She momentarily fumbled with a bit of black remote control while glancing at a screen.

The director then introduces her, and the random voice cuts everyone off. Thall’s severe expression gives way to laughter from her and the others.

A lady yells, “Say what?”

Still laughing, Thall asked if the voice was talking about her.

The audience is shown chuckling and discussing the incident among themselves as Commissioner Lee Constantine turns to face Thall and remarks, “That was a good presentation!”

Someone wonders aloud, ‘Where did that come from?”

Many reply, “I don’t know.”

Commissioner and Vice-Chair Andria Herr yells over the microphone that the day will undoubtedly be remembered while everyone wipes away tears of laughter.

The meeting finally came under control, and Thall was assured that the message wasn’t meant for her. 

Thall responds, “Well, I’m not sure if I should say thank you or-” as more laughing fills the room.

She said that the moment was incredible, thanked everyone, and then proceeded with her planned agenda.