Fleeing Inmates Found 20 Miles Away from Prison

Prison or jailbreaks in America are not as common as the media portrays them to be. Only 3 percent of incarcerated inmates escape during their sentences. 

The majority, 89 percent, are escapes from minimum security institutions. Sixty-six percent of escapes are one-person escapes. Only 20 percent of prison or jail escapes are two people. 

The latest escape happened at the detention center in Mississippi. 

The break occurred on April 22, 2023, when Dylan Arrington, Corey Harrison, Casey Grayson, and Jerry Raynes escaped from the Raymond Detention Center located outside the state capital of Jackson, Mississippi 

Dylan Arrington was the first escapee to be discovered. He was found barricaded in a home in central Mississippi. He stole a truck from a private citizen, Anthony Watts, 61, after murdering him. Arrington was killed by deputy sheriffs at the home on April 26. 

Authorities captured Jerry Raynes on April 27 after he stole a public works vehicle and traveled to Spring Valley, Texas, in a failed attempt to evade law enforcement. Extradition orders are underway to return Raynes to Mississippi.

Another of the four inmates was found dead at a New Orleans truck stop. Casey Grayson (34) will undergo an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. Investigators found no evidence of violence or wrongdoing at the crime scene. 

Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones reported the last of the four escaped inmates. Corey Harrison (22) was seen at a private residence in Crystal Springs, a city located about 20 miles from the detention center. Harrison and a female at the home were arrested, and the female was charged as an accomplice for aiding Harrison.

Sheriff Jones expressed his appreciation for law enforcement from federal, state, and local agencies for their hard work in finding all four escapees.

Following several deaths and assaults at the Raymond Detention Center, U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves issued a requisition order to fully review the reports of the inadequate oversite at the detention center.