Feds Allegedly Behind Collusion With Big Tech In Damning New Evidence

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The most prominent feminist critic of the government’s COVID-19 policy is attempting to resurrect her First Amendment lawsuit against Twitter. She cited new evidence that the CDC named Wolf in a request to remove “misinformation” before Twitter suspended her, thereby establishing Twitter as a “state actor.”

According to reports, Naomi Wolf’s lawyers filed a request for an ‘indicative ruling’ last month with the court that dismissed the complaint, seeking its restoration even while the appeal is still pending at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

They filed statements on August 26 citing records obtained in July through the Freedom of Information Act by America First Legal and on September 8 citing discovery in First Amendment litigation by the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri that was released last week.

The motion explained that these emails reveal Twitter did not begin blocking Dr. Wolf’s tweets concerning the COVID-19 injections until officials from the Centers for Disease Control and the Census Bureau urged it to. It cited material that was unavailable when the lawsuit was dismissed.

According to Wolf, the records indicate how the federal government’s executive branch cooperated with Twitter to silence her for raising concerns about the Covid-19 vaccinations. The White House presumably initiated the censorship.

According to emails obtained by America First Legal (AFL), CDC media division head Carol Crawford sent Twitter a list of sample posts on vaccine shedding on May 10, 2021, which included Wolf’s. Wolf’s tweets were quickly removed, and Wolf was permanently banned by Twitter the following month.

Crawford was advised to sign up for Twitter’s “Partner Support Portal to submit disinformation complaints as Census colleagues did the previous year.

A redacted CDC administrator, likely Crawford, requested that disinformation reports be sent via personal rather than government Twitter accounts. Crawford asked if it had to be the CDC account or her personal account.  If it were CDC, she would have someone on staff enroll instead of her.  A Twitter representative responded that Crawford’s account was being processed.

According to reports,  emails from the AGs’ discovery show Twitter and the CDC setting up frequent discussions so the government could offer examples of harmful content to delete. You can read about the emails HERE.

The CDC did not answer the media’s questions about why an official would use a personal Twitter account for an official activity or the arrangement’s legality, which might violate FOIA requirements.


Probably because everyone involved would have to admit that Twitter acts on behalf of the government.