Federal Judge Says Biden Fund Discriminated Against White Men

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Texas Federal judge Reed O’Connor ruled last week that the Biden Administration engaged in systemic gender and race discrimination in its implementation of the “Restaurant Revitalization Fund” (RRF) included in the most recent COVID “relief” spending bill.

A lawsuit against the Biden Small Business Administration (SBA) was brought on behalf of restaurant owner Philip Greer. Greer, who owns and operates Greer’s Ranch Café, lost nearly $100,000 in gross revenue during the COVID lockdowns. On paper, his restaurant meets the criteria to receive a grant from the $28.6 Billion fund.

But he was unable to submit his application for an RRF grant when he completed it because the SBA limited applicants during the first 21 days of the program in order to give priority to restaurants owned and controlled by women, veterans and by “those socially and economically disadvantaged” (read: non-white).

Greer is white.

The government’s argument was because these racial and gender groups are historically discriminated against they should be given priority in the distribution of grants.

According to attorney and Harvard Law professor Jonathan Turley, the legal question at play in this suit is whether such historical disparities are sufficient justification to discriminate based on race and gender when all restaurants, regardless of the race or gender of the owners, were negatively impacted by the COVID lockdowns.

Judge O’Connor, granted a temporary restraining order preventing the Biden Administration from continuing the discriminatory grant process saying the SBA lacked compelling interest or persuasive justification for their racial and gender preferences. O’Connor concluded the administration of the RRF violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution.

In early December 2020, Bloomberg reported that more than 110,000 American restaurants have closed either long term or permanently due to the onerous lockdowns imposed on cities and states during the pandemic. That is 17% of all US restaurants.

In promoting the latest spending bill, both President Biden and Vice President Harris liked to proclaim “help is on the way!” Apparently the unspoken caveat was “well, not for you, not yet. You’re a white male.”