Federal Agents Are Using Private Businesses To Track Down Illegals

(RoyalPatriot.com )- According to the pro-migration newspaper, The Guardian, federal immigration officers cooperate with the private sector to uncover criminal illegal migrants hiding in Democratic-run “sanctuary cities.”

Mijente, the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, and American Friends Services Committee released records to The Guardian. The claim is that ICE is employing LexisNexis and Equifax, “data brokers” that gather, access, and sell personal and criminal justice data to track down these people.

The Guardian claims that Ice committed to paying LexisNexis about $17 million in February 2021 to access its real-time “virtual crime” platform Accurint.

Accurint brings together unconnected data from over 10,000 distinct sources, including police departments worldwide and public records.

Ice paid for Justice Intelligence four months later, a database managed by Appriss, a firm owned by Equifax’s credit bureau.

Justice Intelligence also pulls data from millions of court documents, probation and parole records, and criminal data. The information is updated every 15 minutes, the corporation claims.

Ice would pay $4.8 million more for Justice Intelligence.

When local governments refuse to comply, ICE says these powers must be used.

ICE explains that policy or legislative changes have increased the number of law enforcement agencies and state or municipal governments that do not share ICE information concerning foreign-born nationals’ real-time imprisonment. Having access to Justice Intelligence is crucial. Without these screening techniques, public safety would suffer greatly.

This has prompted certain government jurisdictions to investigate ICE’s actions.

In 2015, the governor of Cook County, Illinois, ordered state entities not to comply with ICE. The Appriss deal led county commissioner Alma E. Anayaa to examine ICE’s connection with data brokers.

Anayaa complained that ICE had released papers confirming they employ data brokers to circumvent sanctuary regulations and laws. Justice Intelligence from LexisNexis enables ICE to sidestep local rules even when communities refuse to execute detainers.

The blatant circumvention is where criminals are protected from the laws that protect our sovereignty.