FBI Told Lawmaker About Trump’s Speeches  

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Democratic Senator Mark Warner, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that he was briefed by the FBI over Trump’s rhetoric following the grand jury investigation into alleged hush money payments to Stormy Daniels, according to Reuters 

Warner reportedly told CNN that the agency is “fully prepared” to handle whatever happens after they have seen an uptick in the “level of rhetoric” on right-wing news websites. Former President Donald Trump had claimed that he was going to get arrested after the New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg launched an investigation into his payments to Stormy Daniels, which is allegedly covering up an affair that Trump denies, according to The Daily Mail 

Unnamed sources told the outlet that Trump knew what the consequences would be if he was caught but wanted to do whatever he could to keep the affair hidden from his wife and First Lady Melania Trump.  

Since the news broke that an arrest and indictment were imminent, critics have called the investigation politically motivated, noting that while crime is rising in NYC politicians are going after their political opponents.  

The Judiciary Committee has tried to contact the D.A.’s office but was met with hostility and curses, according to The New York Post. The committee is reportedly requesting that documents and testimony related to the charges against the president be brought to their attention.  

Most New Yorkers are saying that crime is a serious problem facing the state right now, according to the conservative magazine American Pigeon. Despite 76% of Democrats supporting the governor’s proposal to give judges greater discretion in setting bail for criminals, the progressive caucus refuses to act on the wishes of their constituents.  

Recently, a former CNN employee involved in numerous anarchist groups, and who is out on bail for domestic terrorism charges, was seen assaulting a man at a pro-life march.