FBI Searching For Serial Killer

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The local sheriff and an FBI source claimed the FBI is working with local and state authorities to investigate whether an alleged serial killer’s victims are buried beneath a rural area of Iowa where a woman claims her father buried dozens of young women he had killed.

For 45 years, Lucy Studey claimed her father was a killer who kidnapped and murdered the women and at least two men. Her lack of attention surprised many. However, cadaver dogs this week discovered what seemed to be human remains at the location she had long assumed to be a cemetery near Thurman, Iowa, some 40 miles south of Omaha.

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office has overseen investigations thus far, and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is in direct contact with at least one FBI agent from the Omaha field office, according to the local sheriff. To discuss the following stages in the investigation into the accusations made by Studey, 53, against her father, Donald Dean Studey, who passed away in 2013, all parties will be at a meeting as early as next week.

Sheriff of Fremont County Kevin Aistrope told Newsweek, “We’re in a holding pattern until everyone gets together.”

The FBI and the Iowa DCI acknowledged that the organization would be present at the conference. They were not permitted to address the press.

The principal investigative organization is still the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, and it’s unclear what role the FBI will play. According to law enforcement authorities, the organization was keeping a close eye on the investigation and was helpful.

Susan Studey, Lucy Studey’s older sister, says it is a lie that their father was a serial killer.

Susan Studey stated over the phone that she thought the animal bones, such as those of a golden retriever buried on the property and the remains of Donald Studey’s stillborn sister, who was interred in a shoebox on the property, may have deceived the cadaver dogs that combed the area last week.

She has provided at least two taped statements to the FBI and the sheriff’s office that her father, Donald, was not a serial killer.

Lucy Studey believes up to 70 bodies may be buried in the area, many of them in a 100-foot well. Two cadaver dogs of the Heeler breed appear to uncover human remains.

A sheriff’s deputy failed to find the well when she reported it ten years ago. Authorities have never explained why no investigations were done.